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Questions we get asked all the time

Who is Heywood & Sons?

Heywood & Sons core team is made of serial entrepreneurs, operators and venture capitalists. Combined, we've raised €93M+ from VC's like Atomico, Nordic Capital and family offices, and have had exits to Vodafone, Pinterest and Ebay. Our Venture Partners and Entrepreneurs in Residence are operators and entrepreneurs with backgrounds from McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Apple and IDEO. We focus on business building: how to turn technologies and opportunities into €100M+ businesses.

What is Heywood & Sons' skin in the game?

Heywood & Sons thinks, builds and launches digital ventures with large corporates as co-investors. Over the years, we’ve developed a model of engagement, funding and governance that perfectly aligns the incentives of the Corporation, Heywood & Sons and the Startup Team (legally, financially, and in terms of upsides, risks and rewards, IP protection, etc.). Our expertise lies in execution: for each venture, we identify an opportunity within a specific vertical, draw hypothesis, test, learn and polish a value proposition until we reach a product-market fit (real customers paying for our products). After a given period of time, our corporate partner has the option to absorb the ready-to-scale business at a pre-agreed price.

Is Heywood & Sons an incubator?

Heywood & Sons is not an incubator. We do not graduate external startups into our programmes. We build our ventures from scratch.

How does Heywood & Sons make money?

At Heywood & Sons, we share a core belief: equity incentives is the most powerful tool to set up cohesive teams and build successful businesses. Therefore, we charge no consulting fees for our ventures. The seed funding we receive from our corporate partners is used for costs alone. All upside from Heywood & Sons and the entrepreneurial team is in a successful exit.

How does Heywood & Sons set up the team for each venture?

Heywood & Sons is a 100% liquid organisation: once one of our ventures receives seed funding, we look into our talent pool and hire the perfect combination of skills and expertise. There is no room for risk in our recruiting process: we only onboard individuals with exceptional industry and entrepreneurial track records.

Where do the ideas come from?

Heywood & Sons has a dedicated team of analysts for ideation. Our analysts are continuously monitoring industry trends, gathering data and drawing insights. We are not limited to a specific vertical: we repeatedly identify opportunities in the FMCG, Healthcare, Entertainment, Financial Services, Insurance, Media, and Industrial sectors.

What is Heywood & Sons' sector expertise?

Heywood & Sons' team includes experts that have historically launched successful ventures in all the above-mentioned sectors. Beyond industries, our expertise lies in efficient execution.

How does Heywood & Sons assure the corporate company of a good spin-in?

In contrast with acquiring a venture from the open market, our ventures are designed from the ground with spin-in mechanics to fall in place if ever needed. We have governance and knowledge mechanics embedded in the daily operations which facilitate the alignments of the corporations and the venture. These are coupled with a crystal-clear legal construction which plainly defines and encapsulates the IP and assets for a fast and pain-free due diligence process.

Why do entrepreneurs work with Heywood & Sons?

Entrepreneurs speak the same language as we do. They trust us because they know who trusts us. Our corporate venture building model relies on past successes and trust - both of which we have been intensively developing over the past 15 years.

There is something else you need to know? Feel free to ask us, we respond to all emails.

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